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The Seventh Circle

Hell is where the heart is

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Welcome to the Seventh Circle of Hell.

It's important to note that our Hell is not the Christian hole of fiery, tortorous, soul-rending afterlife. No, our Hell is that of kinder, gentler nature. A large roomy area with frescoed vaulted ceilings, windows that look out into infinite darkness, plenty of overstuffed couches, a nice fireplace (please ignore the smell of brimstone), a minibar--all the essentials for a nice comfy place to talk about anything and everything. There's an elevator in the foyer which leads to other circles, but our remodeling only extends to the floor above, where we made some bedrooms for those too drunk to drive home. Otherwise, stay away from the other circles. They're still in a state of disrepair--the sowers of discord were causing problems and the betrayers, woo, don't ever try to make a deal with them. Anyway, back to my point. Everyone is welcome. So grab a drink, flop on the couch, jump into a conversation and enjoy your stay at the Seventh Circle.

(if any of these rules conflict with those outlined by livejournal, obviously stick with the livejournal rules and drop us a line to let us know of the problem)

1.) Flamers belong on the first level with Daddy Dearest, not here. (for those of you not in the know, flamers are people who talk all in caps and say things like: IM ME FOR A GOOD TIME or YOUR ALL STOOPID!)

2.) Using actions in your posts are definitely welcome. For the sake of consistency we suggest using asteriks, such as *jumps on Kiliyn and gives her a big smooch*

3.) If a thread is geared toward a certain topic, try to stay on the topic.

4.) If you're new and want to introduce yourself, use the introduction thread.

5.) This community is geared towards an older audience. If your parents would get upset by things being said in the community, we suggest staying away.

6.) Have fun, keep talking and never keep your posts short. =D