Kaelin (kitsuneazrael) wrote in seventh_circle,


I know right now with the few members we have we all know each other, but when we start getting new members this thread will be more helpful.

So, please give a quick introduction or at least drop a line in here to let us know if you've recently joined the community.
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Hey, I'm Kaelin (real name Jennifer). I'm one of the managers of this community. I'm 21 and a college student. Since I didn't take summer classes, I have all summer to be incredibly bored and do things like manage a community on here. I can be painfully sarcastic and I have an off-kilter, wry kind of sense of humor. I like to think of myself as movie buff (though I'm not really) and I'm a big fan of sci/fantasy books or really any books which I can root for characters to sleep together.

I'm hoping for a cross between a bulletin board and chatroom type atmosphere for this community, so please join, talk, have fun.
Name: Kiliyn (Mandi)
Community status: moderator
Age: Old enough to stop at the porn store and the bar on my way to vote. (21)
marital status: The older married one.
other: college student, aspiring psychologist, quarter-life crisis survivor
group status: Gossip guru, Frolicsome flirt, Nonsensical narcissistic nympho, and the Hander out of shin kickin's

*waves hello*

I love doing this, this is when I get to introduce my self to a community that is made up of people that I know. People generally don't see me the way i picture myself so when they finish reading this they are going to be like "what is she talking about?" and "do we know this person?"

I think that i'm a pretty laid back down home kinda girl. Before i go forth let us discuss this laid back that i speak of. When some one gets on my nerves i feel the urge to smash they with a tire iron. Giving that there has been no tire iron smashing, i am laid back. Everyone got that? Good.
Maybe I should clarify down home too. This means that I see nothing wrong with answering the door in a towel, walking down my very long drive way to the mail box in my underroos or leaving house the in my pj's (and going to the mall).
Things that i'm good at: Yelling, Bloodletting (i'm a trained professional), being indignant and acting like i'm paranoid (okay okay being paranoid). There are some days that i am pretty sure that the world is out to get me, that scary little girls are going to crawl out of my tv, that my phones are bugged because i was looking into going to cuba, that legless zombies are going to get me if i am ever alone in a parking garage and that my friends keep me around to preform emergency first aid and to be cannon fodder.
I have a passion for books, bad movies, human anatomy coloring books,climbing, hiking, playing pool, driving my sports car, traveling to far off places and sailing. Okay well the last three would be true if i had any money. At this point everyone will have to settle for I want to be able to like sailing in my free time, someday.
My current job gaols are to become a missionary of sorts and got to third world countries. When i say of sorts I mean no god stuff and healing through the miracle that is modern medicine.
If that doesn't work out there is always Becoming a bounty hunter or taking over the world.