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Easy like Sunday morning.

I've lost my people skills. I used to be able to just let someone spout their opinion whenever they wanted and slowly tell them they were wrong after that. Now...i go ito bitchmode..what happened? how is it fixed? why do i feel bad about it?
Yes, I still feel bad about arguing with Mike if that's what ya'll are wondering. And why? Well hell if I know the answer to that. And damn, I'm far too forgiving of him. I conciously had to decide I was going to be annoyed with him. Yes, I had to talk that little voice in my head going "you shouldnt be annoyed" into "but i can be disappointed with him and disappointment doesnt equal forgiveness but leads to annoyance." Shh..I can follow that. Let me be annoyed.
Anyway, the point is, when did I get like that?

Okays, off to shoot myself in the foot now.
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